Tara Keating Fine Arts

The Hero, Mixed Media on Panel, 8x 10 inches (sold, prints available)

I am inspired by color, beauty and light in the world around me. Although I live in an urban environment, nature is everywhere and it charms me. I paint many subjects, from small intimate portraits of pets to larger works such as floral still lifes and full body portraits. Inanimate objects fascinate me with their immediacy and my garden inspires me, year-round. I enjoy the process of creating and manipulating paint on the surface of canvas and panels and am delighted to share my work with you.

Self-portrait, detail, colored pencil on paper

Tara Keating lives in Chicago where she paints, doodles, knits, gardens and works on her 113-year old home. After many years as a factotum, she has returned to the studio. Tara holds a bachelor of fine arts degree with an emphasis in painting and drawing from the University of San Francisco.


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